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Effects of static electricity on the human body

Effects of static electricity on the human body

All kinds of stress and physical fatigue accumulate in the human body, and aging progresses, so I started a new initiative in the hope of preventing this, even if just a little. It will take time, but I will get it done.


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What is the key to solving

the problem?

Static elimination

What effect does static electricity have on the body?

Static electricity is caused by friction and occurs in every aspect of life. There is no problem if it occurs naturally, but if you notice excessive crackling in your daily life, be careful. Your body may be more likely to accumulate static electricity. Static electricity accumulated in the body has the following negative effects. It worsens blood flow and disrupts the balance of the autonomic nervous system. This can lead to calcium and vitamin deficiencies, making you feel tired more easily. Cause of irritation Static electricity attracts dust and bacteria in the air, leading to worsening of skin diseases.




How topreventstaticelectricity

What is the key to solving the problem?

How to prevent static electricity from accumulating in your body. To achieve this, it would be good to be able to discharge electricity immediately when it is charged, but it is necessary to consider the mechanism of discharge. This is easy if you do earthing, but the reality is that you have to constantly be in contact with the ground, which is quite difficult in daily life. We will utilize the knowledge we have to achieve commercialization through repeated trial and error!What is the key to solving the problem?



The first stage of plating technology has been completed.

The first stage of plating technology has been completed.Thanks to our partner companies, we have completed plating technology that does not peel off even when twisted or stretched!


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